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At GreenerGoods, we strive to provide a safe and respectful platform for people to share their opinions and experiences. To maintain a positive and constructive environment, we ask that all users follow these community guidelines.

By following these guidelines, we can maintain a positive and helpful community where users can share their experiences and opinions in a constructive manner. GreenerGoods reserves the right to remove any content that does not follow these guidelines. We thank you for your cooperation.


Be Honest

Provide truthful and accurate reviews based on your personal experience. Do not fabricate or exaggerate information.


Be Relevant

Focus on the product being reviewed. Do not include irrelevant or off-topic content.


Be Constructive 

Offer constructive criticism and feedback. Provide suggestions for improvement rather than simply complaining.


Be Mindful of Others

Do not post reviews that are offensive, harmful, or discriminatory. Do not post reviews that violate the rights of others—this includes threats, harassment, lewdness, hate speech, or other displays of bigotry.


Do not Spam

Do not use the platform to advertise or promote your own business or products. Do not post duplicate content or engage in spamming or phishing activities.


Conflicts of Interest

Users should not post reviews or other content that promotes their own business or product, or that of their family, friends, or associates. Additionally, users should not engage in any activities that could be perceived as biased or manipulative, including offering incentives or compensation in exchange for positive reviews.


Follow the Law

Do not post content that violates any laws or regulations. Do not engage in activities that are illegal or unethical.


Report Violations

If you encounter content that violates these guidelines or is inappropriate, please report it to the website administrators.

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